AM - American Mustang

Andy - Andalusian

ASH- Australian Stock Horse

TB - Thoroughbred

TSG - Tack Shop Giveaway

PO - Pawneer Order

NFP - New Forest Pony

NSH - National Show Horse

Newfie - New Founland pony

QH - Quarter Horse

w/c - Who Can? or Wrong Chat

lmbo - *laughing my bottom off*

lmhro - *laughing my horses rump off*

lol - *laugh out loud*

rofl - *rolling on floor laughing*



 roflmao=*Rolling on floor laughing my bottom quaters right off! *

wtg - !!- Way To Go -!!

gtg - Got to Gallop

brb-*Be Right Back*

np-no problem

ho-Hold on



 /all = Global chat.

/$ = Ads chat.

/near = Near chat.

/buddy = Buddies chat.

/here = Here chat.

/island = Island chat.

/(username) = Private Message. (PM) 


These are for when you want to mute things, like ads or logins/disconnections.

!mute all = Blocks everything below.

!mute ads = Blocks ads chat.

!mute global = Blocks Global chat.

!mute island = Blocks Island chat.

!mute near = Blocks Near chat.

!mute here = Blocks Here chat.

!mute buddy = Blocks Buddy chat.

!mute pm = Blocks Private Messages.

!mute br = Blocks Buddy Requests.

!mute socials = Blocks Socials. (Hugs, howling at the moon, ect.)

!mute logins = Blocks Logins and Disconnections.

!danceudrl = Makes you dance, or turn in all directions.


If you have the 'hot keys' or F1 through F12 at the top of your keyboard, you can also use those in the game.

F1 = No use.

F2 = No use.

F3 = No use.

F4 = No use.

F5 = Exit the page.

F6 = No use.

F7 = Mount/Dismount your horse.

F8 = Grabs all objects off ground.

F9 = No use.

F10 = No use.

F11 = Full page.

F12 = Activate Dorthy Shoes. (Go back to ranch)


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